Licensed Private Investigator

Sandra Petkov is a distinguished private investigator with a reputation for excellence in uncovering the truth and delivering unparalleled investigative services. With a rich background in law enforcement and a keen eye for detail, Sandra brings a wealth of experience and expertise to each case she handles.

Background Checks

    • Due Diligence: Thorough background investigations for individuals and businesses.
    • Employment: Verification of employment history and credentials.
    • Asset Searches: Identification and verification of assets.
    • International Background Checks: Comprehensive checks for international subjects.
    • Social Media: Analysis of social media activity for relevant information.
    • Vehicle Information: Retrieval of vehicle registration and ownership details.
    • Other: Customized background check services as needed.

Interview & Interrogation

      • Witnesses: Conducting interviews with witnesses to gather testimony.
      • Victims: Sensitive and thorough interviewing of victims to collect detailed information.
      • Third-parties: Engaging with third-parties to obtain additional insights.
      • Attorneys: Collaborating with legal counsel for case preparation and strategy.
      • Businesses: Interviews with business entities for investigative purposes.
      • Other: Tailored interview and interrogation services based on specific needs.


  • Covert and Overt Surveillance: Conducting both discreet and visible surveillance operations.

Discreet/Undercover Inquiries

  • Workplace Undercover Investigations: Infiltrating workplaces to uncover misconduct or illegal activities.
  • Discreet Source Interviews: Conducting confidential interviews to gather sensitive information.
  • Skip Tracing: Locating individuals who are difficult to find.
  • Other: Various discreet investigative services as required.

Cyber/Fraud Investigations

    • Crypto Investigations: Tracking and investigating cryptocurrency transactions.
    • Mobile Investigations: Analysis of mobile devices for evidence.
    • Computer Investigations: Examination of computer systems for digital evidence.
    • Electronic Investigations: Investigation of electronic devices and communications.
    • Digital Investigations: Comprehensive digital forensics.
    • IP Address Investigations: Tracing and analyzing IP addresses for cyber investigations.
    • Theft/Scams: Investigating theft and scam incidents involving digital components.
    • Other: Specialized cyber and fraud investigations as needed.

Insurance Claims

      • ISO Reports: Accessing and analyzing Insurance Services Office reports.
      • Claims History and Checks: Verifying and investigating insurance claims history.
      • Personal Injury: Investigating personal injury claims for validity.
      • Worker’s Compensation: Examination of worker’s compensation claims.
      • Other: Additional insurance claim investigations based on specific requirements.
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