A Compassionate and Strategic Legal Advocate

Atty. Kira Abernathy, brings her dynamic blend of legal expertise and compassionate representation to each case. Specializing in criminal defense, family law, and traffic law since 2014, Kira is committed to offering personalized, client-centered legal services that reflect the firm's people-first philosophy.
  • Juris Doctor from University of Georgia School of Law, Athens, Georgia
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business from Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia
  • Georgia State Bar: Active Member
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Traffic Law
  • Family Law: Comprehensive services in divorce, child custody, and family disputes.
  • Criminal Defense: Strong advocacy in criminal cases, ensuring client’s rights are protected.
  • Traffic Law: Effective representation in traffic violations and license issues.
  • Additional Services: Probate, juvenile law, and arbitration & mediation.
  • Client-First Approach: Ensuring each client’s needs and goals are prioritized.
  • Strategic Legal Solutions: Tailoring strategies to individual case requirements.
  • Empowering Clients: Providing the support and guidance needed to navigate legal challenges.
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