A Dedicated Legal Advocate for Small Businesses

Atty. Andrew Brodkin, founder of Andrew Brodkin Law, specializes in providing tailored legal services to small businesses. With a focus on contract drafting, review, and negotiation, Andrew is committed to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners across various sectors.
  • University of Rochester
  • University of San Diego School of Law
  • California State Bar: Active Member
  • Business and Transactional Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Business Legal Support: Comprehensive services for startups and established businesses.
  • Contract Expertise: Drafting and reviewing agreements including NDAs, partnership, and employment contracts.
  • Business Transaction Support: Assisting with asset or business sales and other significant transactions.
  • Tailored Strategies: Creating customized legal plans to meet the unique needs of each business.
  • Technological Edge: Leveraging knowledge for cutting-edge legal advice.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Focused on forming strong relationships and achieving client business goals.
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